Frequently asked questions

Working way:

How does RED function?

RED MWAT Token is a digital cryptographic token with value, issued by Restart Energy, using blockchain technology, for the purpose of storing energy that will link the token with the company itself. This will be achieved thanks to the new service offered by Restart Energy worldwide, RED platform.

RED platform

RED platform is the platform where users(and Restart Energy clients) can log in and trade(buy; sell) energy directly P2P(peer-to-peer), in a decentralized and easy to use manner. Users can get access to Restart Energy services, also obtain and use electricity.

RED franchise

RED franchise is the business opportunity that investors in RED MWAT Token can get access to. It is an innovative, tested and working idea that is growing in a rapid manner. The energy franchise brings the decentralized world of energy one step closer to the free market in energy sector.

Use of RED MWAT Token?

Do we generate all tokens at once?

Yes. Once the smart contract is created !

What happens with unsold RED MWAT Tokens?

They are burned.

Will it be secondary(non-REDp) trading exchanges for RED and KW token?

RED MWAT Token are received in your wallet and they are used to access RED platform. You can sell or buy them on any of the secondary (Non-REDplatform) markets that will start listing RED. KW, on the other hand, is an internal use token, that has a direct report to RED, and won’t be bought or sold anywhere.

Can I refill any time my token with energy at a preferred price?

Your RED MWAT Tokens have a monthly charge of their maximum capacity of 1 MWh.

Am I limited to use the token for a certain market?

No limit. Decentralized and P2P all the way!

Can I pay my bills with energy stored on the token?

Yes! That is the basic functionality, among others.

If I choose to pay my bills using the token where I can find conversion rate?

LIVE calculated on our platform.

Why would I pay my bills with RED MWAT Tokens if I can keep them and get regularly fills with KW?

Because one way or another you need to use that energy, either paying your bill or selling.

Use of RED Platform?

If I 'consume' RED MWAT Tokens do I get one time KW 'fill' on RED platform?

RED MWAT Tokens grants you access on the platform(FREE), as you consume the energy that is deposited in the batteries, not the batteries itself.

If I keep RED MWAT Tokens (on RED platform) will I get a monthly / yearly KW 'fill' on RED MWAT Tokens?

Yes, monthly your RED MWAT Tokens can store an amount of energy, as they are batteries. They will charge every month.

Can I sell at any moment the RED MWAT Tokens on the platform?

Yes! Being a P2P exchange platform, you can sell as soon as someone wants to buy at your price. Restart Energy won’t buy the tokens back.

Use of RED Franchise?

What type of resources will be received as benefit from a franchise?

You will get energy and profit from running the franchise business.

Can I upgrade a city franchise to regional./country later in time?

Yes! On the first-come first-served principle, if the area isn’t reserved already.

How will I benefit from an externalized service of purchasing electricity?

Just like everybody benefits from free market principles. You will find best prices on the decentralized network, but even better, you can optimise your consume by controlling the intake, and also by selling the surplus ?!

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