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jQuery Slider – How to implement a jQuery Slider

In this example we will use slick slider because is fully responsive and is very customizable you can move arrows/dots when you need with built in functionality, or you can create your own html for arrows and so on. Basically all

Change URL without refresh jquery – history.pushState

Even if you make a website with ajax or you have to add a string in the url when you activate a tab by javascript, you need to do this manually.  One method would be hashtag, to add a hastag to url you have to use the following

Animated Drop Down Menu CSS3 Transitions

Nowadays more and more peoples browses the internet on mobile phones so we have to create the perfect environment and few some nice aniations will increase the change for that visitor to come back to your website. To achieve the

Font Awesome Icons – How to use font awesome

There are many reasons why you should use icons font insted of images. The most used method for icons is font awesome. Another alternative would be ico moon but for this you have to pay. Even if is costly icomoon offers you nice f

Hamburger menu CSS and jQuery – Drop Down Menu

Nowadays there is no website if it is not responsive. Among the first things you have to do is to make a responsive menu for your website. On desktop you can let the menu as a list, but on the smaller devices you can't do this bec

CSS3 rotate a div on hover transition – CSS3 transition

In this tutorial I will show you how to rotoate a div with few lines of html and some css3 transitions. The easiest way to rotate a div when you hover on his parent, is to put it with absolute position inside his parent, then whe

Full background on hover transition – CSS animations

Some css animations on you website can make your website more beautiful especially if you add animations as needed. Let's assume we have a list of items on our page, when you hover on them we want to add a background. Our animati

How to animate a SVG – SVG animation

There are few ways to animate a svg. The easiest way to animate a svg is with css. So, the first thing we will do is build the svg, then we will create a keyframe to animate the way how the svg is writed. <svg width="200" heig

How to change class jquery – toggleClass jQuery

In the last post we learnt how to add a class by jquery. Now we will add a class on first click, then on the second we will remove the class. To accomplish this the first we have to do load up the jquery library, we learnt this i

How to addclass jquery – javascript add class

For a frontend programmers is vital to know how to add a class on click, or when document is ready. There is nothing complicated in adding a class when an element is clicked. Here we will learn all necesary steps to add a class.