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How To Keep Toolbar Sticky In Quill js editor

In this tutorial I will show you how to keep the toolbar from quill js editor sticky when you have a big data in your editor. Even if you can use the second theme from quill js, in some cases the toolbar which is all the time visi

How To Create New Customer Address Programatically In Prestashop

This tutorial will show you the required steps you need to implement in order to create new customer address programatically in prestashop. First step we will need to create a postProcess function in your module. If you don't have

How To Get Customer Address Through AJAX Prestashop

As you maybe already know you can do a lot of things un prestashop being built on a MVC framework you have all the control you need in this CMS.  This tutorial will try to show how can you get customer address through ajax in pre

How To Keep An Element At The Top Of Its Parent jQuery

To keep an element sticky you will have to use fixed position in css but to keep an element at the top of its parent we will have to use some javascript because we can't to that only with css only if the structure will allow us to

How To Dispay Best Sellers Products In Prestashop

In this tutorial will show you how can you display best sellers products on any page you need in prestashop. For this tutorial I will use a module for homepage, this meaning we will add the products on our homepage. You can use it

How To Override Form.tpl In Prestashop

This tutorial will show you all steps you need to do in order to override form.tpl file in prestashop. To achive this we will need to create a new module where we will add our override files to create a new state for form.tpl file

How To Add labels In Customer Address Fields Prestashop

In this tutorial I show you step by step how to add labels in customer address fields, to achive this functionality you need to override base function which generate the address format and create the new format you need. I will sh

How To Create Order In Prestashop Programatically PHP

In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to create a new order in prestashop programatically, to achive this we will need to complete few steps before get to the order creation. Before to go to the order creation we need

How To Implement WorldPay Payment Using PHP SDK

In this tutorial I will show you all you need to implement Worlday payment using php from scrath. Worldpay documentation is very well done but here I will guide you step by step in the implementation. First of all you need an appr

How To Solve Prestashop Admin 500 Server Error At Order Status

In this tutorial I will show two easy steps which can solve the prestashop admin 500 server error when you try to update an order status. This error can occur from many reasons, if it is a core problem maybe you should go on the p

How To Create An Invoice For Order Programatically In Prestashop

In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to create an invoice for orders programatically, first of all you need to create the code for your order to insert it in the database, if you don't know how to create an order prog

How To Add New Extension To File Types In Prestashop

This tutorial assume that you want to implement this functionality using your own code, not trying to upload using the prestashop file manager. So, in order to trick the file types extension in prestashop you need to implement an

How To Redirect To Other Page After Registration Prestashop

One of the methods through which you can redirect user to other page after registration is to create a module and register this module to a certain hook so you can add your own code and redirect the user whereever you need on your

How To Add Products To Cart Programatically In Prestashop

Using the code which will be provided in this tutorial you will be able to add products to cart progrmatically. To achive this functionality you need to know the product id and attributes id, anyway I will show you how to get them

How To Set Order Status Id Programatically In Prestashop

If you create orders programtically from backend, at a certain step you will need to add an order status to the order depending on the payment method selected. For instance if the client choose to pay by bank wire the status order

How To Change Order Status Id Programatically In Prestashop

If you need to change order status id programtically for an order you need to complete few steps but nothing very complicated, you only need the order id where the status will be changed and the new status id you need to change.

How To Get Order Status ID In Prestashop

In this tutorial I will show you how to get order status id for a certain module, I mean let's say you have installed as payment method the bank wire, when the client will pay using bank wire you will have to add an id to the orde

How To Get Default Language In Prestashop

In the following I will add the function through which you can get the default language in prestashop. Id of the default language is saved in the database in configuration table, so as you maybe already know, to get the default la

How To Create A Form Using Helper Form In Prestashop

You can create a form in prestashop using multiple methods and today we will talk about how to create a form using helper form in prestashop. This method is the most advanced because using this method you will be able to add dropd

How To Trigger Error In DropZone From Backend PHP

If you already used dropzone or you are tring to implement it in your website you will notice that you can't trigger error in the dropzone. In this tutorial I will show you how to trigger error messages in dropzone from your contr

How To Get Base Path In Prestashop In Controller and TPL files

In this tutorial I will show you a easy method to get base path in controller and template files, using the following method you will have all control you need on your code, so you can add what changes you need to the url anytime

How To Upload Images Through Ajax In Prestashop

In this tutorial I will show you how to upload images through ajax in prestashop, this is not hard to achive you have to take few things in account in order to make this functionality to work. I posted a tutorial about how to save

How To Get Files From Input Type File Using jQuery

Even if it sounds like a very simple task sometimes can take you a lot of times if you don't know the right way to get files from input type file using jquery. In this short tutorial I will show you the right way to get files from

How to Stop Page Scroll at a Certain Section with Scroll Magic

In this tutorial I will show you what you need to do in order to stop the page scroll at a certain section with scroll magic, and after the animation is done the scroll page start again. Beside the method I will show you in the fo

How to Edit Front Page Content in Prestashop

In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to edit front page content in prestashop. Even if it sounds it is easy I have to say it is not so easy as it sounds especially if you are begginer with prestashop. Does not matter

How to check if a checkbox is checked using icheck library

In this tutorial I will show you the easiest way to check if a checkbox is checked using icheck library. As you will see in the following there is no difference on how you check on a normal checkbox and icheck. The single differen

Save Data Through Ajax In Prestashop

In this tutorial I will show you how easy is to save data through ajax in Prestashop. I will assume you already have the form which needs to be saved using ajax. For this example I will create a very simple form with an input beca

How To Delete From Multiple Tables In Prestashop

In this tutorial I will show you how do delete from multiple tables in prestashop using joins. Sometimes you may need to delete data which lies in more than one table so you will have to join in all tables where your information i

Paypal IPN Return INVALID All The Time Issue

The Paypal IPN returning invalid all the time is an old issue but I will try to help you to solve this issue. I will show you two methods on how to solve this problem, first method is very simple, this is not actually a method bec

How To Update Merchant Preferences In Paypal Billing Plan PHP

In this tutorial I will show you how to update merchang preferences in paypal billing plan, even if there are a lot of tutorials and paypal's documentaiton is pretty good, they have some issues already opened on gitrhub from last

How To Change Page URL And Detect Event Without Refresh

In the last tutorial about changing the page URL we used history pushstate, and in this part of tutorial seriers I will show you another method to change the page url without refresh but this time we will use window location hash.

How To Make Change Password In Symfony

Even if there are a lot of tutorials out there on how to change password in symfony, it took some time to find a nice method to check if the old password written by the user is the same with the one from database. If you will try

How To Share Website On Social Media With URL Parameter

As you already know social media change their API for share content from website pretty fast, so if you implement a functionality and it's working after a while it may not work anymore, but you still have the mothod with URL param

How To Implement Youtube Playlist Player With jQuery

With the following code you will be able to create youtube playlist player using just few lines of javascript. You need to provide your chanel id and playlist id, you can get them from url when you open up your chanel in youtube.

How To Upload Images In Custom Prestashop Form

If you need to implement a custom form and upload images in prestashop you are in the right place because I will show you the entire code you will need to implement to achive this functionality. This tutorial is for prestashop 1.7

How To Export Woocommerce Orders to XML Using PHP

This tutorial will show you how to export all your woocommerce shop orders in xml file. We will use woocommerce default functions to get all the data we need to generate the xml then when we will access a specific link the xml wil

How To Export HTML to Excel using PHP

Excel is among the most used file types to export your website data, so in this tutorial I will show you how to export html to excel using php. It's not that hard I will give you the main class of this functionality, then you only

How To Update ACF Fields With Contact Form 7

In the last tutorial I showed you how to create a new custom post type with contact form 7. Now I will show you how to update any acf fields at contact form 7 submission. If you don't know how to create a custom post type install

How To Create Custom Post Type From Contact Form 7

Sometimes this action is a required one, especially when your website has a contact form thourgh users can register its own posts. So in this tutorial we will create a post in our custom post type from wordpress at every contact f

How To Detect When Ajax Finished

In this tutorial I will show you how to detect when ajax finished, why you should know when this event is over? Sometimes you need to call other functions which must be used on certain pages or should be fired when a class is foun

Create a Custom Plugin For Smarty in Prestashop

What is actually a custom plugin for smarty in prestashop, is a code syntax defined by you and when smarty find that syntax will call a custom function, the function which you tell what should do. In this tutorial I will show you

How to create a table for admin controller prestashop

Here is how you can create a database table at the module instalation. If you have a small module you can save all settings in prestashop settings table, but if you need to save large data you need a new table only for your module

How To Create Custom Shortcodes In Prestashop

In this tutorial I will shoud you how to create custom shortcodes in prestashop. Prestashop does not come with this type of functionality so we will need to create it from scratch. For this example I will use an admin module creat

How To Change Httpd.conf File Without Removing Changes On Update

If you made some changes in httpd.conf file you probable notice that all your changes are removed after a while, anyway the time to be removed can vary 2-3 weeks. In the following I will show you how to change the httpd.conf file

How To Save From Data In Admin Controller Prestashop

We passed together step by step the process to implement a custom tempalate for admin controller and we have create a sub-page (an edit page) for the main template. Now, in this tutorial I will show you how to save data from a cus

Create Sub Page For A Custom Template Admin Controller Prestashop

If you already know how to create a custom page for admin controller you can follow this tutorial and I will show you how to create a sub page of the main custom template admin controller, if not you can follow our tutorial for cu

How To Assign Custom Template to Controller Prestashop Back Office

In this tutorial I will show you how to assign custom template a an admin controller in prestashop. This code can be used if you already have a controller created because I will put a little below the functions which will add the

How To Create Custom Template For Admin Controller Prestashop

In this tutorial I will show you step-by-step how to implement a module from scratch and create a custom template for admin controller and show it as a tab in the left back office menu. Is quite complicated to implement this funct

How To Create An Options Page For Module Prestashop

I will show you how to implement a new module in prestashop and how to create an options page for the module step by step. This is not very complicated you need to do only few steps to achive this.  First of all you need to go i

How To Access Variable in tpl files Prestashop

It's not that simple to access variable in header.tpl especially if you are beginner with Prestashop. To achive this task you need to override the Prestashop FrontController and there you can assign to smarty a new variable then y

How To Activate Cache In Symfony – FilesystemAdapter Symfony

Even if cache documentation exists in symfony website, I have not been able to find a good tutorial for how to activate or implement symfony cache system. So, I tried several methods until succeeded to implement the cache. Anyway

Custom Validatation For Phone Number Field Contact Form 7

Even if contact form 7 comes with many validation rules for its fields, sometimes you need a custom validation rule for a certain fields. Today we will task as an example the phone number where we will add a custom regex function

How To Export HTML Table To CSV With jQuery

In your daily tasks sometimes you need to export some data to a file format the most used being PDF, Excel or CSV. Today, in this tutoial I will show you how to export a html table to csv using just javascript. With few lines of j

How To Click Through an Overlay jQuery – Part 2

In the last tutorial we talked about one method with which you can click through an overlay by jquery or other structure. As I said in the part one of this tutorial that method where you use css to achive this is not so good becau

How To Click Through an Overlay jQuery

Sometimes doe to the requirements of a project you need to implement a functionality when you need to click through an overlay to get the element behind that overlay, this can be achived in many ways but for me only one method wor

How To Add Link in Contact Form 7 Checkbox

In this tutorial I will show you how to add a link in a contact form 7 checbox. Now we need more than ever to add links in checkboxes due to new GDPR rules because the user must agree with our terms and conditions and we need to h

How To Add New Option In WP Options WordPress By Ajax – Plugins Development

In this tutorial we will talk about how to add new option in wordpress table named wp options by ajax. I have just used this approach in one of my plugins and I decided to show you an example if you ever need it. It's very simple

Implement WordPress Pagination From Scratch

In this article you find all the necessary code to implement wordpress pagination in your blog, or on a custom template. It does not matter if you query for normal wordpress posts or for a specific custom post type. First of all

itemAdded issue Bootstrap tags

To the current project I am working on I had to add this functionliaty, and let the users add their owns tags when they need. All the implementation of this plugin was a success I implemented the itemAdded event too, but when I te

How to add tags functionality to text input

Once in a while you need to implement a tag functionlity, where you will be able to add any tag you need then send it by a form or ajax in a server side to save it in a database. In this article I will show you how I did when I ha

How to kill a running process in linux CENTOS

In last article we used the command to get all running process from our server. In the following I will show you how to kill a process which is running in the background in centos. To achieve this you only need a two words command

How to list all running processes in linux CENTOS

In each server there are a lot of running processes which help the system work corectly. In some cases you can run your own script to achieve a certain functionality, if you run the script in background that means it will run all

How to decode HTML characters in variable

Let's say you get some JSON response back and it has a lot of HTML characters. You need to decode HTML characters to normal text in order to append the new value to front end. The following JSON response is an example of html cha

jQuery Dropdown – Easy Drop Down Menu Implementation Bootstrap

To make a dropdown from scratch it is not that hard but you have to take care of a few things like check it on all devices (tablets and mobile device) and you have to be careful at overlapping issues. Anyway I used first time drop

jQuery AJAX Call – How To Implement WordPress Ajax For Blog Posts

It's not that hard to implement a simple jquery ajax call in your wordpress to get a post by its id for instance. In the following we will make this functionality from scratch, to implement this we will need to create a new file i

Detect Add To Cart Action – Woocommerce Add To Cart

Sometimes you need to detect add to cart action in woocommerce.  Once the customer has added any product in cart we will be able to notice him, or we can fire any event we need. For this action you need to have Ajax option "Enabl

How To Implement News Page In WordPress From Scratch –  WordPress Tutorial Part 2

This is part 2 from our tutorial about how to implement a new news pages in wordpress from scratch. In this part we only make the css style for item posts, and add a more details button to the post. You will see in the following c

How To Implement A News Page In WordPress From Scratch – Part 1

In this Tutorial I will show you how to add a new wordpress page to your website.  You will see, we will implement this page with few lines of code and everything will work as expected. The HTML and PHP code are here: <?php

jQuery Slider – How to implement a jQuery Slider

In this example we will use slick slider because is fully responsive and is very customizable you can move arrows/dots when you need with built in functionality, or you can create your own html for arrows and so on. Basically all

Change URL without refresh jquery – history.pushState

Even if you make a website with ajax or you have to add a string in the url when you activate a tab by javascript, you need to do this manually.  One method would be hashtag, to add a hastag to url you have to use the following

Animated Drop Down Menu CSS3 Transitions

Nowadays more and more peoples browses the internet on mobile phones so we have to create the perfect environment and few some nice aniations will increase the change for that visitor to come back to your website. To achieve the

Font Awesome Icons – How to use font awesome

There are many reasons why you should use icons font insted of images. The most used method for icons is font awesome. Another alternative would be ico moon but for this you have to pay. Even if is costly icomoon offers you nice f

Hamburger menu CSS and jQuery – Drop Down Menu

Nowadays there is no website if it is not responsive. Among the first things you have to do is to make a responsive menu for your website. On desktop you can let the menu as a list, but on the smaller devices you can't do this bec

CSS3 rotate a div on hover transition – CSS3 transition

In this tutorial I will show you how to rotoate a div with few lines of html and some css3 transitions. The easiest way to rotate a div when you hover on his parent, is to put it with absolute position inside his parent, then whe

Full background on hover transition – CSS animations

Some css animations on you website can make your website more beautiful especially if you add animations as needed. Let's assume we have a list of items on our page, when you hover on them we want to add a background. Our animati

How to animate a SVG – SVG animation

There are few ways to animate a svg. The easiest way to animate a svg is with css. So, the first thing we will do is build the svg, then we will create a keyframe to animate the way how the svg is writed. <svg width="200" heig

How to change class jquery – toggleClass jQuery

In the last post we learnt how to add a class by jquery. Now we will add a class on first click, then on the second we will remove the class. To accomplish this the first we have to do load up the jquery library, we learnt this i

How to addclass jquery – javascript add class

For a frontend programmers is vital to know how to add a class on click, or when document is ready. There is nothing complicated in adding a class when an element is clicked. Here we will learn all necesary steps to add a class.

Vertical align css – DIV align center css

There are some ways to do that. The easies way to do this is to make the elements behave like a tabel, as you probably know when you work with tables if you declare on "td" - "vertical-align:middle", all tds will be centered ver

How to create jquery countdown timer – Javascript Countdown Timer

To create this countdown we will use this plugin. The Final Countdown is a plugin tailored to be used in any layout, without any CSS/HTML dependency. The goal was to fit and mimic differents countdown styles as you see out there

Direction Aware effect  CSS – jQuery animation gallery implementation

How to create an aware direction hover effect with css and javascript. The following code will create a nice hover effect when you put the cursor on the gallery thumbnail. To achieve this effect you need an overlay which will st

Custom Codeigniter Ion Auth Password Strength Validation

Even if Ion auth has enough validation rules for form inputs, sometimes you have to check if the password is strength enough.  One of the fastest way to achieve this functionality is the following check.   $password = $thi

Ion Auth Password Strength Validation

Among options to validate the strength of password is also found this one. You can change the default settings for Ion Auth password strength validation from config.php. Digits Required For Password $config['min_digits_for_pass

Codeigniter Ion Auth Password length

Ion auth is an authentication library for Codeigniter framework, easy to use, change or add custom functions to it. To set minimum or maximum password length in codeigniter you have to find the config.php file. These lines do th

Add to cart via AJAX Woocommerce without loop

To accomplish this functionality you have to make a GET call by javascript, in this call you have to pass the ID of product. Below you can see an example for this action. HTML: <div class="add_to_cart"> <a href="#" d