Understanding your goals and business and your Pain Points

Before anything else we would like to meet you, to see your current website or materials and ask a few questions. Click here to start to start engaging with us/fill out an initial brief. (two cta buttons – contact – fill out our brief and get contacted >> 3 optiuni de brief: website/ecommerce – dashboard/SaaS, other services)

Defining the SOW (Scope of work)

+ Financial / Legal agreement, NDA etc.

The development process – Crystal clear – as transparent as possible. To do that, we need to determine the scope, with all features included. We get back with exact plan, with a timeline and what you can expect from us in terms of delivery. We make sure you know what you pay for. And that’s professional digital services.

Setting up the tools is also a part of this step – (EvadaStudio for project management, Skype/Email for communication, Google Drive / Figma. Prototyping tools, + HotJar, Evada Studio for bug tracking etc).

The entire process will be laid out from the start and we’ll make sure we have an agreement on the tools and technologies to be used. In case there is a special requirement, this should be mentioned from the start. To see the complete list of covered technologies and tools, please check our list below.

Understanding your product and market in its deepest ways

+ Financial / Legal agreement, NDA etc.
Depending on the complexity of the project, this phase may involve writing documentation and user stories, defining and customizing the process, brainstorming and briefing sessions. If the project is straight-forward the initial brief may be enough to complete this step. 

In some of the cases, setting up the KPIs may be part of the process. (if the conversion rates should be increased, if you need a redesign or SEO optimizations)

Personas, User Journey & Flows

A more complex app would require a better understanding of its users’ behaviour and interests. To define personas, a UX designer would try to get as much data as possible on their demographic and sociological backgrund and try to reproduce the user journey for different types of user goals. 

Site Map

A user journey mapping would include all the links and the flows in your website with all connections that may exist between them, for all types of roles and users, if the persmissions or differences are substancial.


The actual design may start with a first wireframe of the most complex page. We usually create two concept and share them with the client. As soon as we get a final approval on these, we begin the wireframing of the rest of the pages or we can continue with the UI design directly. 

These as all the other designs may be presented in desktop resolution, tablet, mobile or all of them, depending on project necessities.


UI Key visuals

The UI Key visuals will include two different concepts of the layout. This will no longer involve the architecture of the product and the structural elements as the number and type of the elements in the page, the number of sections etc., but it will be focused more on the esthetic part. In this phase we’ll define the colour palette, the accent colours, fonts (if there is no brand guide already to be followed), types of buttons, styles etc.

After having one of the key visuals approved, we start working on the inner pages design.

The inner pages delivery may be split in two or three phases depending on the amount of work so we can get feedback and adjust if it’s the case.


A final step in the design process may include the prototyping which means creating and showing the user interactions on the designs, exemplifying the flows and the ways a user can get to a specific results or page.

Delivery of the assets (Figma/ Photoshop / XD, etc)

Source files will be delivered to client or prepared for develpment along with all types of assets (icons, fonts etc)

Frontend Beta Delivery (HTML/CSS)

As soon as we have the final design approved, we will start its implementation. A beta version with the design implemented on the frontend will be shared with the client. Responsiveness is to be tested in this phase.

Backend and content implementation

This is when you see your new website/software functional. This step also includes a final debugging session.


After making sure everything works and looks amazing, hold tight because as soon as we have all last arrangements completed, we can launch!

Becoming your Digital Partner

Our focus is on building strong, long-term partnerships with our clients. So we’re dedicated to make you super happy and excited about the final result. And we always do.

What is NOT included (in general):

-Data entry.
-Photos of your products/services.
-Copywriting if this was not required from the start.
-Unlimited feedback.
-Hosting and third-parties subscriptions.

Project Plan and Timeline:

The account manager will send a Project Calendar to be approved/discussed with the client.


-Weekly Status meeting/email update with Project Manager.
-Communication between client and team will be ensured by the project manager.


Here are a few details on how we do it:

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  • 04

    - UX -

  • 05

    - UI -

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