How To Share Website On Social Media With URL Parameter

As you already know social media change their API for share content from website pretty fast, so if you implement a functionality and it's working after a while it may not work anymore, but you still have the mothod with URL parameter, this method is very easy to implement and it's working on all major social media websites like: facebook, twitter, pinterest and google plus. You can share with this method: title, description and let's say post thumbnail, but you have to add this content in the head section in meta title description and image. If you already have this set, this method should work without any problems.

The following is facebook url you have to use for sharing on facebook: ADD YOUR URL

Add your url after ?u= and add target blank on the anchor and that's it.

Here is the list with few social media url sharer: ADD YOUR URL ADD YOUR URL ADD YOUR URL

Using urls for share won't give you so much control over the implementation but you can be sure the functionality will work after a month, and api doesn't change. I added this functionality on a website few months ago and everything still works great. This is the easiest way you can share a post or a page on social media.

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