Programming Languages you should avoid

Here is a list with few programming language which you should avoid in 2019 because their popularity is declining based on task on numerous systems like Github, Twier, Stack overflow, Reddit and so on. Anyway if you like one of these languages this post shouldn't stop you learning it.


Programming languages you should avoid

1. Elm

Elm is also a JavaScript-based internet growth language which is utilized for making the development of web applications much easier. Though the job chances have raised a little, the general development of language is a factor of concern.

This language is neither advised by Heap Overflow nor the Redmonk in the in 2015's summary. Elm also has the worst area support as well as facing an autumn in growth.


2. CoffeeScript

CoffeeScript is an internet development language that assembles into JavaScript as well as created to boost the JavaScript's readability. There are a number of reasons you must not discover this language.

Both major reasons are the most awful neighborhood engagement and bad growth. I don't say job chances are not there however it's becoming worse. If you are involved in something that calls for CoffeeScript, you might not have any type of other selection yet it's certainly not advised for freshers.


3. Erlang

Erlang was established virtually three decades ago to help produce telephony applications now it's dealing with the biggest decrease in area support throughout the year. As soon as recognized for constructing scalable applications and offering support to large routing of telephone calls is currently experiencing a phase where developers disliking the language.

The job possibilities are still there yet it's not expanding quickly like in case of various other languages. Considering the in 2015's Heap Overflow developer study, Erlang was 9th highest possible paid and also 22nd most liked programs language however it's true that the language has likewise experienced a visible drop (from 23 to 50) in The Tiobe Index.


4. Perl

Practical Extraction as well as Reporting Language, or Perl has continued to be in the leading 20 of the Tiobe Index of preferred programs languages. It was 18th most prominent language in the RedMonk Programming Language positions last year. Perl is used for sysadmin tasks, network programming, web server scripting, etc

. Yet with time, designers are losing interest for Perl. It's neighborhood involvement got aggravated and also total growth likewise seems to stuck at some factor. Finally, if you think about work leads, it's likewise among the reasons you need to not discover Perl.


5. Lua

Lua is a fast, mobile, light-weight as well as embeddable scripting language mostly utilized for games and also application development. It supports step-by-step shows, object-oriented programs, useful programming, data-driven programs and also information summary.

Though I haven't utilized Lua previously, individuals assert it offers decent efficiency renovation as compared to various other languages. The major factor behind the presence of this language right here is poor work need. Though the area interaction climbed the last year, the variety of Lua developers is greater than the demand for them. Lua ranked 30th in the Tiobe Index of prominent programming languages.



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