The Easiest Way to Get Website Feedback From Your Client

In this article I will show you the easiest way to get website feedback from your clients directly on the website which is under construction. We all know how much time we spend in order to get understand the client feedback and implement it in the website. All those emails loops with questions like:


  • Your Client: “There is an issues on the cart page.”
  • Dev Team: “What’s the bug?”
  • Your Client: “Its a bit of text that is slipping outside of its border.”
  • Your Client: “What device and browser are you using?”
  • Your Client: “Windows laptop. IE10.”
  • Dev Team: “We can’t replicate it. Where is it at? Did you clear your cache?” etc etc


Website Feedback

Using all this time consuming process will become more easier and more professional for your client and for your team. The client will be able to add his feedback directly on the website where the implementation is done and the developemnt team will can see all those bugs added in real time on both places: on dashboard and on the website. But to understand better what I mean you can watch the below video:


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