Tutorial – How to override default Woocommerce Template

In this tutorial I will show you the function you have to use in order to override any default Woocommerce template. To do that, you will have to creata a new folder called woocommerce in your theme root folder. If you use storefront, the path should look like the following: storefront-child/woocommerce. All folders and files you add here will override the default woocommerce template.


Override default Woocommerce Template

Here is a list of all steps you have to do:

  1. Install Woocommerce
  2. Go on github and download the latest woocommerce version.
  3. Unzip the archive and find the  folder called "templates"
  4. Create a new folder "woocommerce" in your root theme folder
  5. Upload all files and folders from templates folder to your new created folder.

The above steps are required because if you will edit directly in the plugin folder, when the next woocommerce update will come, all your edits will be gone, so make sure you make all your changes in the right way.


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