Affiliate Marketing On Instagram Step-by-Step Tutorial 2021

In this article, we will talk about affiliate marketing on Instagram and why you should get started right now using Instagram as one of your main traffic sources. As you know Instagram is very popular these days and it would be a mistake if you don't use it to reach people and sell them your products.

Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

There are a lot of people who are using Instagram to sell Clickbank products or their own products, but the main question is: How can I get traffic from Instagram. Let me give you more details.

In order to get traffic from Instagram, you need to start your own page/brand. The main steps you need to accomplish in your to start making money on Instagram:

  1. Find a niche you would like to create content for
  2. Create a page on Instagram with a brandable name
  3. Create 3-4 posts per day, 1-2 stories, and also would be nice if you use IGTV. (try to add few videos per week)
  4. Add your link in the BIO
  5. Use a Follow-to-follow strategy to boost your account when it's in the beginning.

Also when you get started with your Instagram account you should check your competitors too:

  1. Find your top competitors and check their account
  2. Check how many posts they do per day
  3. Check their content. How it looks like, what hashtags they use, and also check for branding and try to make it better on your account.
  4. Check their products and also their BIO (it is very important)

In order to succeed with affiliate marketing on Instagram, you have to be patient and consistent with your work because nobody created a brand overnight. It takes time to people get to know you and trust you. If you stick to the above steps there is no doubt you can make money with affiliate marketing because there are a lot of people who did it before.

Also if you want to learn more things about affiliate marketing I recommend you to read this legendary marketer review.


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