How to Change WordPress Files Structure Beginners Tutorial

In this tutorial we will remove years and months from wordpress files path buy changing the defualt wordpress files structure. It's a very simple task and it won't affect in your current files which are on your server.

Change Wordpress Files Structure

Step 1.

Login in the wordpress admin panel go to Settings -> Media. At the bottom of the page you will find a checkbox with the following label: "Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders", you have uncheck this checkbox. Unfortunately the settings apply only for the future uploads, in order words the paths will remain the same for all your current files, but it will change to the new structure for all new uploads. In order to change the current path for a certain file you will have to re-upload it on the server. (go to the post where you want to change  the file path, and re-upload the file).

Step 2.

In this step we will replace the entire path: "wp-content/uploads" will be replaced with any string we want. These settings won't affect your current files paths, beside of the previews settings which not affect the files uploaded since now, this setting will affect all the files so you don't have to re-upload any file.

Go to plugins and search for the following plugin: "WP Hide & Security Enhancer", install and active the plugin. After the activation a new button will appear in the sidebar named: "Wp Hide". Open the page and click on uploads tab button. The page should look like the following:

AS you can you have to complete the New upload path field with any string you want. The string you add in the field will replace the "wp-content/uploads" from file path. That's it. If you want you can watch the video below in order to understand better what you have to do:

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