How to Create WordPress Theme From Scratch Tutorial

In order to create wordpress theme from scratch you need to have at least a minimum knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS and jQuery. Besides of these programming language you also need to read a little about Wordpress and its functions, hooks, filters and how it works. As you already know Wordpress is one of the most used platforms nowadays because it's very easy to use and it has a huge community which work for new updates every day. Besides of these things, there are a lot of free and premium themes and tons of plugins free and premium plugins so you can create almost any type of website you need.

Create Wordpress Theme From Scratch

First of all we will have to make a fresh installation of Wordpress. You can install anywhere you want, after instalation, go in the themes folder and remove all folders except Twentynineteen.

When you install first time Wordpress, it comes with 4 themes: TwentySeventeen, TwentyEighteen, TwentyNineteen and TwentyTwenty. The last one is TwentyTwenty and it was released few weeks ago.

In this tutorial we will use TwentyNineteen, basically when you want to create a new theme for Wordpress, you need a base theme like twentynineteen. This theme comes with basic functions so you can start create new features and functionalities.

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