How To Upload SVG Images In WordPress

As you probably already know, Wordpress does not allow you to upload svg files due to an update few months ago.  Here I will show you a simple method through you will be able to upload again svg files in wordpress. 

Wordpress SVG Files

Wordpress stopped the upload of svg files because it can cause security issues, a svg is not a normal image, it's made in xml markup language so when you add a svg in your post or page, the code is executed so your website can become XML vulnerable. Anyway using a plugin will be no problem because it will check for this kind of vulnerabilities and will sanitize the code so you will be safe. 

Wordpress Svg Upload Error

If you already tried to upload a svg using the wordpress media files, you probably saw the following error:

How to solve this issue? Go install and activate the following plugin: Support SVG.  Now every time when you will upload a SVG this plugin will take care of the rest of the work, in other words will change the way how the wordpress core works and first will check if your svg files is clean and then will upload it on your server. Let me know if this method worked for you too.

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