Nice Background Particle Animations For Your Website

In this post I would like to share with you few nice animations from codepen for your inspiration. Some particle animations already looks very outdated but are a lot of nice animations out there which can be added to your website. Here is a short list with 5 animations:

Background Particle Animations:

1. Full Background animation - This has a nice effect because the shapes are moving smooth and if you add an overlay and text you already made the first section of a website.


2. Cursor moving animation - In my opinion this animation can't be used in any place on the website, because the design of your website should fit the animaton


3. This is not really an animation, it's an entire website but for your inspiration you can check it, it has a lot of nice effects, thought well and some nice sections.



4. A real particle blob animation. Beside the fact that is moving all the time, when you hold the click on the particle you can change its position. It's interactive and looks good.


5. Orbit particle animation. Need to create focus on some sentance or keyword? Maybe you can use the following animation:


I hope you will enjoy this list, more animations will come. Maybe this list will help you find out new animations your website needs or you can just learn how to implement them. Let me know your opinion in comments section.

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