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Today I will show a list of 5 nice animations for inputs from codepen. I don't know if some of these animations can be used in a contact form for instance, because some of them are not really very intuitive but for effects are great. As you probably know there are not many ways to animate inputs, but after I found these animations I changed a little my opinion about inputs. Let me know what you think.

Input animations with CSS and JS

1. First animation from this list is this effect where all type of things fall from above. Anyway you can change the js code in order to be more descriptive but as I said some of them can't be used in a website. It would be nice to find the perfect spot for this animation because is really nice for a input, which cannot be animated so easy. 


2. The second animation from our list is the following there all letters comes from above too, and it creates a very nice effect.


3. In this animation is more like a presentation where you see on the screen what you typed in the input field.


4. This animations is similar with the one from above but the way how the text shows up is a little different. If you have a website which is in the same style maybe it can be added and it will create a nice visual effect.


5. The last animation is for a search box an it using material design, from search submit button when you click all text input will be created.


This is our list for today I hope you will enjoy this list, and many thanks to all authors which worked to implement them. Nice work.

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