Tutorial how wordpress themes are made

Many of you are wondering how wordpress themes are made or how are working. There is no hard to do a wordpress theme because you have all the informations you need on the internet. All tutorials and steps you need to follow in order to do your first theme are at a click away. First of all if you decide to develop your own wordpress theme you need to read few tutorials about CSS and html because you want your theme to look good.

What should I learn to make my wordpress theme?

As I said earlier you should start with CSS and HTML because all websites needs to look good especially in 2019 when static websites are considered old. You must to learn what is a grid how to keep all websites elements in a container and the most important thing if you are begginer you have to understand what box-sizing do. After you learnt a little about front end you can go forward and start learning about PHP, how server works and then you should read things about wordpress like how it works, where and why you should plugins. And the most important lessons I have learned in all this time of programming is you should use few plugins. Because if you will use a lot of plugins in your theme let's say 20, you will create 20 more potential security issues in your website. Why? Most of the plugins are open source so all people can download them and see the code, if I know what code you have in your website maybe I can use a piece of code from that plugin to break your website.

To start doing wordpress themes start by doing a frontend for a website from header to footer, then make it responsive, all websites must to be responsive. After you finish your first frontend make another one and another one, then you can start learning and test php and see what it do.

If you already did all these steps please let a comment in the comments section and I will teach you step by step how to make your first wordpress theme. You can find a lot of tutorials about developing wordpress themes on this blog, like the following tutorial

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